CAFRE is an interdisciplinary research center that pursues the institutional aims of promoting, developing and coordinating activities in the areas of Training, Lifelong learning, and Education Research in a network of similar institutions and agencies and other stakeholders in Italy and abroad.

The main areas of interest of CAFRE are

  • professional training while in service and the reconversion of personnel of both public and private organizations and companies (e.g. by the activity with alumni and offering a catalogue of post university courses and free conferences on emerging and interdisciplinary topics);

  • the behaviors and placement of the different generations of incoming and outgoing students at all levels (pre-school, school and university);

  • the link between school and university (e.g. by the LIVE! project for laboratory work between 4 local technical high schools and the School of Engineering);

  • the effectiveness of teaching methodologies, in different languages ​​and cultures (e.g. by various EU projects);

  • new technologies (e.g. by the research for national insurance agencies on the digital transformation of communication);

  • in-service training of teachers (by CLIL courses, by the yearly 2nd level Master degree program);

  • the management and evaluation system of individual institutions, of the education system as a whole and the relationships and differences between different education systems;

  • interculture and interreligion (e.g. by the yearly National Festival of Cultures awarded by the Italian President, the research on brain drain, the research on gender violence funded by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers).

Promotes research (e.g. by yearly conference, award to the best research in education, funding attendance and publication in education conferences).

Outreach with local municipalities (e.g. by the project for the participation of young students and workers to territorial institutions and activities).